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The Story Speaks In You

(To A Former Friend)
- Come with sadness, come with pain, -
And I trusted, and I came.
Selfless, generous and kind, -
Or it's realy tricked my mind?

Who would've thought your strange progression,
That you would mentor blame and passion,
That a heated, nosy gloom
You would cherish, boil, choose?

Should you've seen your anger session, -
What's to me to be reflection?
When a hatrid wish you find,
Should I have one, even slightest?

...When one day your kids grow old,
You will have yourself to hold,
And, by chance, you'll glance at mirror,
You'll see shadow of your fever,

Which consumed you and succeeded, -
And, for that, I won't be needed, -
While, on the side of hope,
There are other seeds to grow...

One is memory of friend,
Which won't be that shadow left.
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