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The Story Speaks In You

At The Glass
- Head to surface, you can swim,
It's a world of your dream...
Trust the voices' shading lace, -
They are hints of troubled maze.

Late in Always, shining bright,
Trace of trips that memory hides:
It was night time, warmest air,
Wind of toughing charms of dare,

Stopping briefly, teasing grit, -
No one knew it was just eve...
Peaks in clouds, valleys, troughs,
Mist, avoiding slimmimg crusts,

Distance-growing, scaling void, -
Fear mixed with endless joy,
When the torch of standing flames
Points up, where someone gazed.

It's a cure of one's low, -
Go beyond the thinnest glow
Of the blue line, hugging sphere, -
That horizon, sang by lire,

Brought to present. Tech o'clock, -
Sparkling diamonds of the thoughts
Rhyme together, flourish wild.
Undefeated inner child...

It's so pretty, even here,
From another hemisphere,
Through the looking glass, through years,
Happy whisper, noone hears, -

Just a spell of chainless wish
For the coming fly unleashed...
Put your hand on wall of glass, -
Past and future cross for luck.

August 2023
Inspired by a song.
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