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No Words
No need to wait to say 'hello':
Let tides come in, and let them go;
When flowers rise from pots, let grow, -
Life is the fight of sketching glows.

No need to hate to say 'goodbye'...
Some always take another side,
Some drift away, no changes neat, -
It is for yours to come and fit.

Say nothing more, think nothing less, -
A long-aware spiral chess:
Dimensions twisted, intertwined,
A new place born, when others hide.

We're mighty figures crossing planes,
Dimension-drawing, charting ways,
With gratitude for every phase,
And Time to guard the birth of days.

New axes formed, and dots collide,
All places shift, rotationwise,
Translation-forward, - need no words:
You've got a pencil for the curves...

February 2023
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