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The Story Speaks In You

In Night
It's crisp and still.
Wetsome lyrics in jewellery air.
It's just about night,
And slightly about forever.

Just let them be:
Holy shadows in gorgeous silence,
Missed in whims of the previous glide, -
Solving calm and tranquility righteous.

Let's not be tired,
Undistracted from serious flaws
By mysterious chaos and dawns,
Met with sad disappointed eyes.

That's how they grow,
Rising through noise and forbidden
In the softest shades of the glimmer
On wavy marvelous flows.

No need to be right.
Just trust in making and finds, -
Another storyline's fineness
Will break each and every advice.

It's song of leaves.
Let go of the memories' thunder,
Discover: your soul is the artwork,
With Life in the tiniest bits.
How could you really resist...

July 2023
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