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The Story Speaks In You

Let the shadows go,
Let lights come forward, -
It isn't really over,
Meeting eyes of dawn.

Let the memory hold
A wise old sorrow
On shelves of fiery moments,
Mixed with selfless joy.

Let the people write
New scripts unscripted,
Transfigurate so witty
Words – in spells-alike.

Let the blaze uncover
Steep paths unspoken,
Not thought through, neither awkward,
For time-pockets found.

Let the flow of Lets
Be lifelong river
Of giving and receiving
What a heart can tell

Of the lively kites
And vales verdant.
In sky, an aureate melon's
Almost reached the side, -

Give the flock of Lets
Embrace, warm welcome,
And share love so seldom,
Hid in early nests.

Let the shadows go,
Let small gleams forward,
When it is due for golden
Fruit to brighten dawn...

August 2023
Inspired by a musical.
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