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The Story Speaks In You

In A Haystack
In the chances and hearts,
Love's in many of us
Growing stronger through rust,

In snow-fortunate dreams,
Under veils of dim,
We walk far-distanced rims,
Feel the echo.

An in songs, in words-whims,
One's just trying to bring
Undiscovered that fleets,

Chasing favourite hints
In the bulk of unseen,
You look forward to meet
That new friendship...

They are written and old
In the iron and gold,
Lit in rainbowed tree-fold,
Simple answers.

And we choose to believe
In slight-possible mean,
With that will that redeems
Hope of astra.

If they know we are here,
Teased by limits, and lire,
And mistakes worth of fear, -
What it alters?

Still may need to be fast,
Reach far deserts, ice crusts,
Drill and dig for the past,
See and chart it.

Or if further fine moons
Harbour voices of glooms, -
What's with plenty of room
For new gardens?

It's just us, - and the trust
In the millions of lusts
In the blazing-wide dance
Ever after...

September 2023
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