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Now And Then
Say, what matters for the craft?
Tell me, have you really loved?
Have the plants outgrown wild,
Infinite pursuit of life?
In vast spaces, bridge of clock,
Have they climbed a stainless rock?
Shaken dusts, competed deeply,
Getting points of rides vivid?
What regrets you really have?
Diamonds living you possess:
Music charm and winds you eager,
Seas and wides are thrilled you see them;
Time remembers celebration
Of the joy, that's really native,
Curses, bitterness, sharades,
If you're stuck, just take the spade.
What's more precious? Soul's here,
Simple roof and people dear...
Even stars have always been
Here, seen for those who keen,
Space is out, nearby,
Far, within, all Earth in flight…
This is present, take the pen
For the better now and then.

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