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Slow And Fast
With no fear to be late,
Some ideas have to wait
For the obstacles esteemed,
As those clouds, leave and dim,
For the blues of veiled space
With no border and no rim.

In the shades, palettes of shelves,
They preserve entire selves.
Among symbols, drawn in lines,
Will survive the one who hides, -
Until stories of the page
Meet some well-deserving eyes.

And when clock for them will come,
Has no argument to calm
Down resonance of maze,
Only then you'll see what's saved.
Back and forward, down, up, -
Across oceans dashes' lace, -

When the charm of precious waves
Transformation brings to place.
Just a spark, and you've no chance
To resist the change amongst
Paving stones of the way
In the play of slow and fast.

March 2024
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