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Crystal Alleys
(Perfect As Incomplete)
Perfect as incomplete,
Longing – an ancient feel,
Serving a northern lira's
Artful and joyous lead.

Sophisticated lace –
Flakes with surrender taste;
It's early or even late
To waltz in and simply stay

Under the tiles of rime,
Branching as vastness of time
On alleys of crystals' fine, -
For million years, fragile.

Plotting a future rain
Sometime in March and May,
Snowfall as sudden veil
Shakes an all-sunny day.

Knitting ice wings of seas,
Perfect as incomplete,
Softness in waltzing drifts's
Giving to be received.

Snowballs just fly so fast...
Now, on the Earth, flakes' clouds, -
Stories of past still loud, -
Space for the frost to last.

February 2024
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