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The Story Speaks In You

Crystal Language
The fibre cloth stretched over spatial vastness -
Could hear you its trembling, ticking pace?
Could touch the weaves eternal rhythm, regardless
Where leads enchanting pattern of the lace?

Would argue you with force that breeds the mountains?
On edge of height – would challenge waterfall?
So times and spaces could be soul-tightened,
The pasts and futures – joined in summer call.

If this – the only language given?
In twilight – only way to see?
Would you accept the crystal joy of rivers
That paved the channels down to the sea?

Imperfect steps turn stairs unfragile:
Unchartered fragments of forgotten myth
Link suddenly in map you could rely on
In journey through the autumn labyrinth.

I dare keep coordinates unaltered
For tiny sparkles rolling on the ray
From Time where stories left me all delighted
To Place whose smile guides me through the day.

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