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The Story Speaks In You

Look Closer
Look closer.
It's diamonds fallen from the sky.
Spread in the grass,
And joy for them is never over,
And all in time,
Unlike we feel it is for us.

Surprising neither,
Full circle, all the way to be,
Anew in life, -
A silver drop right on your skin,
Forgiving steam,
If that is what the heart decides.

It's part of me,
That circles' cause, from ancient rivers
And wild streams,
That curved and strived to reach the seas;
And force between us
Is one that rises and relieves.

We're all on time,
And Suns were always on your side,
If you look closer.
I'll wait to see your sightless shine, -
It's grace of sky
On Earth, - to warm, and never over.

April 2023
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