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The Story Speaks In You
Step Away
Late in the cradle, dismantling the crows,
Shadow of far light walked softly to shores.
Room, full of thunder and heroes unborn,
Carved shear pieces and turned them in halls, -

Where labyrinth takes you, forever unknown:
Raw constellations on ceilings and floors,
Ivy and roses, candles and ghosts,
Savouring glasses of wine with the hosts.

Whispers unglittered, can't send them away, -
Luring in fears and patterns afraid.
There is no power, no hope, no deny, -
Shadow stepped past, and doors opening wide, -

No obstacle solid, all aether and clay...
Corridors faded in castle dismayed.
- Cheers! – And Shadow raised goblet of reads,
Echo and settlers sip shared with him.

Maze froze and simmered, breathed deeply and strong,
Drawing the maps, treating legends on walls:
In centre, no treasure, just soul in owe, -
Gravity, painting circles in core.

Look there, focus, - touch, leaving no curse, -
And someone would wonder if Shadow was yours.

May 2022
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