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The Story Speaks In You

Shadow's Rant
There is no place for you here:
I'm in love with the mist.
I've been lost far and near
Before turning to east.

I walked days lone and silent,
Forest sang songs to me:
That my sworn hectic rival
Had been always within.

There is no place for you here –
He has filled in my heart,
Steps of verse tempt me dear
To belong to his craft.

Once in silver he glided,
Lured in following him
Along walls in the ivies,
Down the lane, to the dream.

There is no place, don't you hear?
In the ranting disguise,
Tongue of sweet speaks so clear
Intertwining the minds.

Seconds fly in the wonder,
I ask shadow what's true…
And the voice I've been fond of
Tells he's always been you.

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