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The Story Speaks In You

Ocean's Milk
A tiny voice you could not hear,
A shear blessing of the stars
Is lantern's song in sparkling fever,
An Ocean's scratch in weekly rust.

I am always here, have always been
A friend in dazzling cloth of silence
And in the vital nosy blindness
Raised to a marvellous degree.

In puzzling chunks of wisdom flowing,
Life laughs in shuffles of aligning,
And pure stretch of your desire
Is heart and pulse of sketch ongoing.

Although alignment's thin as silk,
Meet eyes, – those raised to glorious Ocean,
Forever young, forever old one,
To watch unrivaled play of Milk, –

In daring privilege to seek
Unknown words we could not speak…

A hint

It may be helpful to read "Ocean" as "Space"
and "Milk" as a short from "Milky Way"
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