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Under The Hood Of A Single
Light Form
Under the hood of a single light form,
Have you been seen, and have you been born?
Only goes on, in spheres around, -
Have you been here, and have you been found?

Little as least, or giant as such
(If drifts of sand could give you that much),
Hiding in oceans, or flying as high, -
Down, afloat, - well, either is fine!

Under the hood of a single light form,
Time has a step, and the travel is on,
Smoking-old steams all the way to the core, -
Do you just need to learn that much more?

Under the hood of a single light form,
There is a Universe, rumours of Gods,
There are skyscrapers, and bridges hold tight
Banks of the rivers, terraces and nights.

Under the hood of another light form,
There're to-be-friends in transparent wave-cloaks,
Looking for answers in ancient smart maps
Kept in stone-holders, with crucial gaps.

They are inspired, as never before,
Finding traces in vacuum floors,
Searching for someone with will and a home...
May be, it's somewhere in single light form.

February 2024
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