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The Story Speaks In You

The tells of one forever beyond
Call pulsing blues of shivering swirls,
Red-beryl glimpses of afar
In gaseous dancing of the dust.

In sparkling rivers, all fluent in will,
Beyond the lakes, there're majoring streams,
All strong, and shimmer with fluidic odds,
And play with universal laws.

How they endure through change and verbs,
Know shoots of orchids in daily fleurs,
In rise, in levitating high, -
All different-same, as you guess might.

Statistics never bitten be,
And math still leads the crowned feast,
But life will always go beyond
For the survival and the chord.

May not be found in the books
Forever shine in pulsing looks,
In the potential released
On time, - a grasp beyond the ease.

In noise, in randomness, in growth,
In new dimensions, novel flaws,
In evolutionarily unique,
The Universe remains unseen.

January 2024
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