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The Story Speaks In You

A Design Ode
How could you know very little of it?
Theory's written and reads pretty neat.
No second-guessing, try hundreds of times,
Feed cold desires of perfect designs:

Pointing upwards, draw silverish skirts,
Step always forward, to Zodiac fleurs,
Lead in the way, meet the maximum force, -
Be irresistable, no other choice, -

Knit shielding tiles around slim waist, -
Lightness of strength is not easy to chase, -
Give tiny wings of a meshed solid fabric,
Sketch a rosette, bloom of flaming sunslowers,

Smoke rich fumes, touch the iced wonder-walls, -
Dream in the metal, pass test of trade-offs.
Aim for Oort cloud while sailing the tides, -
Get stylish hat and lift off in the night.

April 2023
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