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A Space Exploration Ode
So may hearts know callings growing,
Accidental changes flowing
From the past in fluent present
For the futures' hidden feathers.
It's the light we find might
In the starry bright of sky,
Or in quirky old-walk tales,
Scripts and hints that come to aid us,
Or in bits and pieces far
In the orange salts of Mars,
Or in blues of acids' hot
Wandering in cloudy tops,
In a wait for bravest ships
In the mighty nanoshields,
Crossing naughty atmospheres
For a cranky whim to see this,
Or in twists of shadow Nine,
Hypothetical and fine...
So may wonders find us
Reaching for the ocean crusts,
Diving deep in secrets' hide
In the liquid methane tides
In the seabed's chilly nights,
For the treasures unprescribed.
In the datasheets and codes,
In the maps and knowledge holds,
Struggling with the tender glows
And the darkness' sudden holes
In the labyriths of myths,
We endure, digging deep.
May we find wonders high,
Dusty notions call for flights...

December 2023
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