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The Story Speaks In You

Of the starlight, of the cliffs
It's the future that we weave,
We are here to believe
In each other.
If of knowledge and the dim
Someone makes a time machine,
Would you come with me to see
Growing flowers?
Writing chapters in a book,
I would miss some sudden looks,
Leave some friends alone to choose
Different pathway.
And I wouldn't right the wrongs,
I would walk past sightless cause,
To the garden of night thought
That's no louder.
And in soil of star sleeves,
I would water tiny seeds
Of a travel that precedes
Speed of light rose.
I would hold every hint
Of the journey that's foreseen,
And all obstacles, to meet
Their power.
And in book of cosmic logs,
I would only be a word,
Lost in foliants of notes
Of uncharted.
All the moments left to be
In the pasts that weren't for me,
I would cherish every bit,
Savour after.
Do you think it's really wrong?
Would you come with me along,
Would you give me chance to go
To rewrite this?
And no stories would be here,
They would not come ever near...
Well, it's just the future, dear,
Here unaltered.
And we cherish what we have,
Though regret some shaking hands,
That's horizon, time ahead
To discover...
Inspired by a soundtrack.
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