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The Story Speaks In You

Stories Of The Past
Know, you will find all the books
In chase of fluid comprehension,
Discarding phase of worth-to-mention,
But past reoriented looks.

A fearless portrait of Beyond:
Just reads and blues of aimless Far, -
Well, rather spark of ancient Art.
Creation fluid with Sun chord

In tameless rivers: fluent tales
In patterns and reflective strides
Advance and wriggle with what might
Be gold in centuries of layers.

Old stories in the gas of giants,
May win or loose in flows of dust...
It's all we find in the past,
In hidden harbours under icing,

In slit of stones, pages' order.
Despite the odds and stubborn steams,
Potential and conscious streams
Sometimes prevail in the worlds.

And you will find all the books
In every possible dimension,
In evolutionary tension,
And art will shine through all the looks.

January 2024
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