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The Story Speaks In You

In That Room
Colours and lights
Have no resistance:
Couples as tides
Flow in a distance.

Old as the crowd,
Time of the hats
Down in bows, -
Charm as it gets.

Greetings and ties,
Glamour of feathers,
Trouble and try, -
Back in the square.

Pas and a glance,
Hands joined in turn,
Deep in the chat,
Lost in the hall.

Sketchy sunflowers
Flourish and bloom,
Fully in power.

I've seen this room
And fleur of faces,
Autumn and gloom,
Glasses and laces

Coming and going
Inside and out,
Under the slowing
Midnight countdown,

Where noone knows
A lass in the corner,
Chanting with flows,
Counting forward.

Charm in snow coffee,
Vases and traces,
Sliding and hopping
Visions in mazes,

Rumour and tale...
I've seen this room.
This will prevail,

June 2024
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