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The Story Speaks In You

In Winter
Nobody here inside,
Waiting for wonders of might.
Chapters of consciousness' book,
Writing themselves with no hoop.
House overprepared,
Looking for them to come back.
Dinner for after snow slides, -
Candles and cakes to decide.
Everyone here and now
Deeply in fight in snow wow,
Skate, build, and ski, and fast-ride
Sleights, - gifts of wintery side.
Tick-tock, it's almost the time
To leave all pathways of rime,
From under veil of flakes
Guests come and cut to the chase.
Soup with a sauce bittersweet,
Sandwiches overly-beefed,
Chips, fish and arts from a dough,
Salads between every laugh.
Simple, and warm, and all cheer
Sparkling in merry talk-wheel.
Keep this snow tenderness' chord, -
Chapters of books never taught.

January 2024
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