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The Story Speaks In You

A Note To A Traveller
Mesmerized by witty freedom,
Can you keep this restless rhythm?
Idle quiet, frank as arrow,
Breaks with answer, all of sudden:

Versicoloured gleam of tunnel
Will announce a newcomer.
Guest, or mate beyond recall?..
See, bethink, decide and go,

Shake his hand, imbibe the names,
Listen stories, ask the ways:
Both of you, by limits mentored,
Now, embark on fresh adventures.

The compelling Torch of Beauty,
Sacred gift, heart-warming duty
Binds, flourishes in trust:
Children raised by specks of dust.

Stones strive for brief green moment,
Their sparks will help you hold it.
Don't forget your Home in stars…
Nomad, yet still one of us.

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