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The Story Speaks In You

Fluffed up sparrows on the sidelines,
Flakes' occasion, early eves,
Frostsome skating seeks to bind
Autumn spirit in fur sleeves.

Crystal branch by hand of artist,
Favoured tree of window spells
Grows, and iced, curated, heartfelt
Leaves enthrall you in the lace,

Flourishing in canvas-glass
With a late untold story.
You can see them in the eyes
Full of futures, bright of wonder:

Princess, swan, enchanted shade,
Horses, kite, unfair price
For the map to mermaids lake,
And a mirror rolling dice

In the play of restive fate.
Take a hand to guide through forest,
Sing with fairies, while flame
Warms an island for the closing.

Winter charm is not in knowing.
Walk frost labyrinths to heal,
Tune in rime of precious glowing
And entrust the evening lead.

April 2023
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