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The Story Speaks In You

Garden of Light
Corner of peace on memory shelf.
Through every path you grew new self:
Thick shield and pride
Of slogging kind,
You will survive,
Still lonely, yet wise.

How could you cast on Leaves a blaming gaze?
Rames hide the sky and mirror maze,
Returning look,
Throwing in voyage with no crew

To flirting, enchanting worlds.
In spiral on Tree of Gods,
The filament runs through the night:
You fell for endeavor,
Surfing naked tide, -

Why won't you forgive the choice
To give or deny the passion voiced?
Why don't you just let Leaves
Lisp while phase shifts?
The murmur of changes
Writes own wave genes in scrim of time.

Watched the unfolding ball of thread,
Walked simple streets and dreamed new lands
From song of Leaves:
Your taking off has been foreseen

By echo of spinning worlds.
So eager to see them close:
Galactic wild glittering feast,
Stone-cloudy eyelids,
Stream they can't resist.

Like maid stringing tight the beads,
The gravity weaves stars in wide sleeves
Of mantles revolving,
Caring and holding.
The seeds of her loving
Grow in the shells hid - in grass at your door.

Garden of light,
There must be place and time,
Where swift curly paths of the wonderers cross.
They long for sturdy guide,
That opposites unites
And from one sleeve lays down the way to go -

For different enchanted glow.
The call from within is strong.
Each day you look up in the sky,
With no hint you've been right, -
Knowing from inside:

One day will the worlds talk,
Through old interlacement, ancient fog.
Enchantress and weaver,
Will smile when sees us
Speaking the secrets she taught of life.

Inspired by a soundtrack.
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