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At The Hour's Top
(Garden of Quiet)
Collab #1
In the Garden of Quiet, Garden of Thoughts,
There is no once and no when, only sloths.
The moment is here, the moment will rise:
Ten minutes no one here has to be wise.

First glance into silence, eternity lap,
A Moon in the swanlight – one way of the craft.
A flower of sunshine, a cloudless night,
Contagious soft glimmer we share inside.

Cool stars in the gyre, sky holds the breath,
Horizon's so near, as close as thou let:
Immersing a guest in tranquility feast
That mind and body compose as we speak.

Earth's flickering beauty in ball of realms, -
Embrace and descend into room when time comes.
Hats, jewels prepared, now set up your clock, -
At top of the hour, meet friends and your hopes.

March 2021
Collective Anniversary poem
by the meditation group @2:50

Edited by LF
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