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The Healing Spell
Is there spell you can't forbid?
Are there words to quench a grief?
A careless touch left you in wounds, -
Sweet dream we write together could:

A shared pain, a perfect plan,
One way, same thoughts, we are not late
To draw new constellation up,
Above the pasts that grew with us.

Was naive fault to stay along,
To walk the road of magic wand
For cloud castle by your side...
Alas, on Earth, it is not right.

There is a step that can't be made:
One walks the woods of different lane.
A guilt is wonder spilled on you, -
I should have seen what's wrong and true!

Is there charm to heal this wound?
A wish for hearts that play one flute
Now torn apart, - I beg the Sky
To cure one that was denied!

I've walked this path, been on that place,
Bear an inevitable trace
That feeling casts on us... A pray
Of mine is now to grant you days

Of joy, of life, of love and hope, -
If Stars would let Light heal it all!..
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