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The Square And Round
Fly, fly, fly all around,
We'll be speaking of love
Inside, and inside aloud,
Silent in envious sound.

Touch, swing, soften the art
In a 10-minutes draft
Or in whispers of harp, -
No wrong dash or a dart.

What if thoughtfulness streams
Light all kindest dreams?
And all words for a bit
Walk all walks of the wit?

Fly somewhere in the crowd,
For all verses be found,
Fun in the square and round,
Vulcans salute all about.

Speak for the merit of speech,
Act for the better of each,
Art, art, as far you can reach, -
Eyes reflecting unleashed.

Fly, fly, fly all around,
Heart defeating the doubt.
And, as love, we will sound,
Meditating aloud.

Many gathered around
For the verses of love
Inside, to let it all out
For the square and round.

December 2023
In memory of Lissa Avery,
actress and member of the meditation group @2:50
since the early lockdown days,
who used to wear circle+square glasses
and give a live-long-and-prosper sign to everybody
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